Yep, St. Michael tornado confirmed [VIDEO]

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st michael tornado.jpg
The tornado touched down in St. Michael.
It's not a tornado until the National Weather Service says it's a tornado, so now we can say for sure that the funnel cloud caught on camera the other evening in St. Michael was the real deal.

The same storm that sent us running for cover from massive hail stones, and prompted sirens all over the Twin Cities, touched off the EF-1 twister.

That's the least powerful rating the weather service gives a tornado, but the twister's 90 mph winds were enough to rip the garage off one family's house.

The tornado touched down just east of the intersection of County Roads 34 and 120 and tracked north-northeast for 3.1 miles. The only time it deviated from this track was toward the end of its existence, when it made a slight turn toward the north-northwest and intensified. After hitting the house, it turned back toward the north-northeast and quickly dissipated.

st michael tornado map.jpg
NWS Chanhassen

There's probably going to plenty more where that came from, since we now live in the state that leads the country in tornado touchdowns.

One family caught the St. Michael storm on camera and sent the clip to Fox 9.

"There's a tornado right there," you can hear someone say in the background. "Holy motherf....."

Welcome to spring!

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Hispanic Voter
Hispanic Voter

Living 4 blocks from the end of that Tornado I can honestly say: Where is OBAMA, can we get national disaster aid. Give me a billion and I will return 500,000,000 next year and put my 3 kids to work! Where is my money buck-O!

It was scary but not like the Navy-Seal Doll with Obama's likeness - that is wrong. Obama is not a Navy Seal. That is sick-O.

Much-O Gracious for the immigration talk O-man. Your slick talk about the republicans holding up the dream act was great. Your talk about not deporting Dream eligible kids was super. Your administration sending a letter to the kid who started and is a 3rd year student at GWU in DC initiating deportation arriving on the same day is classic!

No Hispanic Vote for Dems 2012! Teach Obama we are not his lackies! Dont Vote 2012.

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