Target Field named Best Sports Facility, but the Twins still suck

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If you're going to have the worst record in the American League wrapped around your neck, you may as well take the edge off by having playing in America's Best Sports Facility.

And as humbled as the Twins must surely be by having their home base named with such an honor, they surely know it won't help their standings; it hasn't helped this season, so far.

target field street and smiths.jpg
Street and Smiths
Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal made the announcement Wednesday night in New York City during something called the 2011 Sports Business Awards Ceremony. You can read Twins president Dave St. Peter's boilerplate thanks for recognizing "such a landmark facility" by clicking here.

Among the features admired by Street and Smiths: The innovative way the park was shoe-horned into its downtown space, the easy access it has to trains and buses, and the awesome hangout facilities where you can stand around and drink beer without anyone bothering you.

Here's who the Twins beat:

Amway Arena (NBA Orlando Magic), Arrowhead Stadium (NFL Kansas City Chiefs), Consol Energy Center (NHL Pittsburgh Penguins), New Meadowlands Stadium (NFL New York Giants/Jets) and Red Bull Arena (MLS New York Red Bulls).

And we do have to admit, it's a pretty awesome place to take in game, as this photo from Flickr by Chris Evans make clear:


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I would think the Twins playing badly this year is actually good for Target Field.  A poor record drives down demand for tickets, enabling less-than-rabid fans to experience a game played at the new stadium.  If Target Field is as great as popular opinion says, it will help to cement that opinion in more minds. 

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