Terry Allan Lester, dildo bomber, reaches plea agreement

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Terry Allan Lester, explosive lover.
Terry Allan Lester admits it: He really did build a bomb out of a dildo for his ex-girlfriend as a Christmas present. In exchange for pleading guilty to that act of explosive unrequited love, the Waseca County Attorney's Office is dropping charges against him of making terroristic threats.

The deadly dildo was discovered after Lester been kicked out of a woman's apartment, where he left behind a container marked "Christmas Gifts."

Inside, Waseca police and the Bloomington bomb squad found the sex toy rigged with gun powder and buck shot, all attached to a trigger with a battery port. The cops also found two other vibrators, including a pink one marked with "Merry X-mas Bitch."

According to the criminal complaint, Lester told his former roommates that when his ex-girlfriend inserted the vibrator, he would pull the trigger and it would blow up.

Instead of a bang, Lester's love life ended with a fizzle.

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