Tim Pawlenty calls Obama a "Doofus," but photo comparison tells the real story

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doofusobama (Small).jpg
Tim Pawlenty unleashed a rank straight out of 8th grade when he called President Barack Obama a "doofus" on CNN.

This bust is so old school  it doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry.

So what exactly is a doofus, anyway?

Does Barack Obama resemble a doofus?

And should a doofus who lives in a glass house cast the first stone?

All these questions and more will be answered if you join us on the flipslide!

Seriously, check the transcript, home slice:

We don't have 20 years, we don't have time for more status quo politicians to just come here and say, we don't have to make any tough choices. If any doofus can go to Washington and maintain the status quo. And that's what we've got in the White House and the Congress in terms of the attitude about their willingness to tackle these issues.
So this is the Classic American Doofus:

You tell me who looks more like the above picture.



Or Tim Pawlenty:


Let's look at that in side-by-side widescreen:


Who looks like the doofus?

Vote in the comments and explain your rationale.

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Sad Clown
Sad Clown

CityPages should be embarrassed for their juvenile take on this.  Anyone can find a pic of anyone that makes them look foolish.  Looks like CityPages employs 8th graders for commentary.

Steven Erickson
Steven Erickson

A Doofus is someone who convinces themselves that they did an excellent job at something, when a lot of other people know otherwise, and can show the numbers to prove it.


This is incredibly dumb.

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