Tim Pawlenty strangely silent on tornado damage to Minnesota

This man has better things to do than worry about a national disaster in his home state.
Look, we know Tim Pawlenty has more important things to worry about than the death and destruction in North Minneapolis--what with his presidential campaign kicking off today and all--but would it kill him to tweet a little kindness?

So far, Pawlenty has not uttered a word on his Twitter account about the tornado that devestated his home state. Instead, he's too busy checking himself out in the mirror and trying to get his followers hyped up for his big Iowa speech.

Hey T-Paw, you know what would make you look really presidential? Going to North Minneapolis this morning to help with the tornado clean-up.

But if you can't deviate from your self-promotion for that long, would it kill you to give us a retweet?

Here's Tim Pawlenty's Twitter account this morning:

Not a word about the tornado from Pawlenty. He's too busy hobnobbing with media and memorizing his Iowa speech.

And here's Michele Bachmann, of all people, showing Pawlenty how it's done:

The communities devastated by tornadoes in #Minnesota and across the Midwest are in our thoughts and prayers.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Shades of George Bush during Katrina?


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