Violent Uptown muggings continue

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Uptown doesn't usually register as a particularly dangerous stretch of the Twin Cities, which makes this rash of violent muggings even stranger.

Since Sunday, Minneapolis police have received three reports of a brutal robberies, all occurring within a few blocks of Lake Street between Hennepin and Lyndale avenues south.

The worst case occurred early Sunday morning, says Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer.

Twenty-five-year-old Jay Ness was walking home from a party with a friend. They were on 28th Street West between Emerson and Fremont avenues south when four people jumped them. Ness offered the muggers his money, according to the Star Tribune, but the blows kept coming.

"They may have used brass knuckles," says Palmer. "We're not positive of that. That one was fairly severe."

Two similar muggings have occurred in that area since, which Palmer says is unusual for that area. Given the similarities in the reports, police believe there's a connection. Each mugging has taken place between 11:00 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. The suspects are described as a group of three of four people in black hooded sweatshirts, possibly American Indian or Hispanic.

If you're going to be in Uptown anytime soon, police recommend taking extra precautions.

"I think people need to be self aware of what's going on, certainly not isolate themselves," says Palmer. "Avoid being heavily intoxicated. That certainly makes you an easier target."

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Mugged a week back next to downtown warehouse police station. Panhandler mugger strangled me and took everything. Cops didn't care. At&t wouldn't report atrix in gangster hands.

Crime Victim
Crime Victim

I was mugged several weeks ago in uptown and had my jaw broken. The police almost immediately dropped my case and showed no enthusiasm about learning where my stolen credit card was used, etc... For some reason, they thought I would feel better by suggesting: "your case might be linked with other cases in the future." Well, that can't happen since they didn't follow up on the leads I gave them.

I was also surprised that ATT and Apple wouldn't blacklist my stolen iPhone; that would have helped ensure that criminals couldn't monetize their crimes; But that didn't happen and I'm convinced that Steve Jobs wanted to protect his company's used iPhone market and make sure that-- no matter what the history of an iPhone is, it will always work with itunes and cell networks....

In my case, ATT and Apple were shouldn't have gone on defense since I bought the phone from Apple; they put it onto ATT's network and I was actively paying for it until it was stolen; so I don't understand why these companies wouldn't blacklist it.

On top of all this, the police officer in this article seems to blame the victims; in my case, I had just walked around lake Harriet and then I was mugged; wouldn't it be nice if the cops had some empathy?


Uptown absolutely should register as a place for muggings, there's a story like this every year (it seems) and it is always rife with commentary: how crazy is it that it is happening in uptown?! Uptown isn't paradise, it is an inner city community; muggings, robberies, and assaults are just as much a part of Uptown as the Landmark Theatre, even if they're as welcome as the Old Chicago. Being shocked every spring that we're not immune from reality is not only naive, but dangerous.

Thank you for running the story, it's a story obviously not told enough.


Stories like this are why I'm only ever drunk in Uptown between 11 AM and 1:30 PM.


Remember, when seconds count the police are just minutes away.  It should make you consider taking that conceal carry class and buying a nice Kahr PM9 or Glock 26. Good luck.

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