87 rounded up at illegal after-hours club [PHOTOS]

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after hours 5 storefront.jpg
MPD raided the basement of this deserted storefront in South Minneapolis.
Minneapolis police have cited 75 people and arrested a dozen in an early morning raid at an after hours club in south Minneapolis, including many people wanted on outstanding warrants for everything from narcotics to weapons charges.

Police also hauled away guns, and an assortment of drugs including crack cocaine, heroin, ecstacy, marijuana and pills, from the venue, MPD spokesman Sgt. William Palmer says. He had no details about the quantities involved.

A SWAT team moved on the deserted storefront at 3019 27th Avenue South at about 3:15 a.m.

EXCLUSIVE: Maurice and Terry Harrison's after-hours club had drugs, gambling, and strippers

after hours 4 front door.jpg
The property, between a Post Office and a convenience store, had been under police surveillance for a couple of months, but some recent assaults allowed them to obtain a search warrant on the place.

Thumbnail image for after hours google street view.JPG
This Google Street View image shows the property in earlier times, housing a printing business on one side.
The building, with boards or blinds covering its windows, is just a few blocks south from where Dean Schmitz was stabbed to death earlier this month.

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