Al Franken and Rand Paul: The New Odd Couple

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Franken and Paul.
We thought it was pretty funny when we heard that liberal warrior Sen. Al Franken was going to serve as mentor for freshly-minted Kentucky tea party Sen. Rand Paul.

The relationship had all the makings of The Odd Couple, with Franken in the role of Felix, all buttoned down, neurotic and professionally trying to teach the roughshod Paul the arcane social graces of the U.S. Senate.

Sure enough, just like with Oscar and Felix, the snark is flying.

Earlier this week the two squared off in a debate over federal funding for senior citizen programs. Franken argued that federal support for the programs saved money and helped seniors stay healthy.

Bah humbug, those geezers are charity cases, Paul said. And Franken struck. [HT: MinnIndy]

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Oscar and Felix.
PAUL: Some of us believe more in the ability of government to cure problems and some of us believe more in the ability of private charity to cure these problems. I guess what I still find curious though is that if we are saving money with the two billion dollars we spend, perhaps we should give you 20 billion. Is there a limit? Where would we get to, how much money should we give you to save money? So if we spend federal money to save money where is the limit? I think we could reach a point of absurdity.

FRANKEN: I think you just did.

It wasn't immediately clear whether Franken's zinger left a burn mark, and let's face it, this isn't a Franken and Davis routine. But this is a promising start to The New Odd Couple.


franken and davis.jpg
Franken and Davis.

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Franken is a bitch. Instead of using logic to defend his position he merely throws an insult. The Paul's are the closest thing to humanitarians we have in Washington.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

​"We thought it was pretty funny when we heard that liberal warrior Sen. Al Franken..."

Don't most liberals oppose war?Isn't that what Al campaigned on in 2008?

Bet you all feel like a major chumps today huh?

Suckered by war monger Al

Oh, so that's why you call him a "warrior".Dropping bombs on innocent women and children.


Sounds like somebody skipped his nap!

Can we get Kirk his blanky and his binky, please?

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Is that nerve raw?  Bite your wallet, cuz I've got the salt!The truth hurts doesn't it?The liberal lies are front and center, and it makes me happy.   :)

Although, this whole nap idea, does sound damn good.

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