Bachmann keeps Elvis Christmas music on her iPod, and other CNN debate weirdness

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All seven Republicans, on the right.
The Republican "debate" on CNN last night wasn't really a debate at all, it was a two-hour press conference in which seven candidates took turns trashing President Obama.

No one expected anything different, really. All seven of them just wanted to cram into the small ideological space to the right of Attila the Hun without getting bruised.

Certain moments stood out, though.

bachmann cnn elvis.jpg
Bachmann gets crazy eyes for Elvis.
Michele Bachmann surprised no one by making her presidential campaign official, and then did surprise everyone by not saying anything crazy or stupid for a full two hours.

Tim Pawlenty proved he's better at acting like a tough guy in campaign videos than actually debating like a tough guy against Mitt Romney and Obamneycare.

There was a bizarre "I have more kids than you" moment as the candidates introduced themselves.

Ron Paul seemed to be afflicted with a strange bobble-head condition as he rambled on and on about the evils of eminent domain.

Mitt Romney kept reminding the New Hampshire crowd he was one of them by keeping everyone abreast of the Bruins-Canucks Stanley Cup Final match.

And then there was the periodic admission by CNN that it knew it was boring the pants off everyone, as moderator John King conducted an utterly meaningless pop quiz under the heading of "This or That."

Michele Bachmann: Elvis or Johnny Cash? Answer: Elvis -- for the Christmas music, which she keeps on her iPod.

Thumbnail image for pawlenty cnn religion.jpg
Pawlenty puts his faith in Coke.
Tim Pawlenty: Coke or Pepsi? Answer: Coke -- and no comment.

Rick Santorum: Leno or Conan? Answer: Leno, but Santorum says he doesn't watch either of them. Maybe he's a Letterman fan?

Newt Gingrich: Dancing with the Stars or American Idol? Answer: Idol, as Bachmann laughed in the background.

Ron Paul: BlackBerry or iPhone? Answer: BlackBerry. Is there an app for killing off the Federal Reserve?

Herman Cain: Deep dish or thin crust? Answer: The former CEO of Godfather's pizza summoned his best James Earl Jones baritone and said, "Deep. Dish."

Mitt Romney: Spicy or mild? Answer: Spicy -- and the Bruins are up 4-0.


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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Anybody but Obama right?Check this out-

It's an amazing thing to watch liberals stumble all over themselves to defend President Obama's actions and failures.  One is his inordinately high vacation time.The left will scream that President Bush spent so much time on vacation.  They'll say that President Obama plays much less golf than Mr. Bush did (even though President Bush gave up golf in 2003).  But here's something they cannot deny:  from January of 2009 to January of 2011, President Obama spent a mere 48% of his time in Washington, D.C.This timetable is specifically from January 20, 2009, the day Mr. Obama assumed office, and January 3, 2011, the day Mr. Obama returned from a vacation in Hawaii.  That's 713 days, and the President spent 342 of them in our capital.From 2009-January of 2011, President Obama enjoyed 70 days of foreign travel, 176 days on domestic trips, 35 days at Camp David and 61 days on vacation.  On top of that, he played 57 rounds of golf (which the MSM calls "mini-vacations"), which took up approximately half of a day each and therefore constitutes almost another month of vacation time.  Add them together and President Obama enjoyed 371 days away from his job in Washington.In fact, the number may actually be higher, as it does not count fundraisers nor correspondent/private dinners that Mr. Obama attended in Washington. Can you imagine a job where you could choose not to go for most of the days?  Apparently, the leader of the free world can.Even worse, President Obama has decided that his time as a hard-working President is going to be over for some time now.  Today he announced that he's aiming for $60,000,000 in fundraising in the coming economic quarter.  That means a lot more time campaigning and getting money and much less time doing his job. The numbers for 2011 haven't been tabulated quite yet, but the trend will almost certainly continue and will likely increase.  But then again, it might not be all bad:  at least when he's out of Washington, he can't screw as many things up.


What was up with host John King's incessant Tourette's-like grunting affliction?  And the continual nagging of the candidates to answer in 30 seconds while his own rambling questions went on and on?


Bachmann:  "I DO support a constitutional ammendment on marriage between a man and a woman, but I would not go into the states and overturn their law."?     How can you have a constitutional ammendment (which is law for ALL states) and yet not enforce it in some states? Again, Michele?

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