Bachmann, Pawlenty lose badly to Obama in latest poll

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Obama beats them both, soundly, if the election is held today.
Michele Bachmann has been soaking up more and more national press attention, but it looks like the more Americans are finding out about her, the less likely they seem to want her anywhere near the White House.

In a new ABC/Washington Post poll, Bachmann and Sarah Palin pull the least support among voters in hypothetical one-on-one match ups against the president. [Surprised? Don't be:

Tim Pawlenty, also riding a media wave, fares better, but he's still in third, behind Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

But both Minnesotans would be soundly defeated by Obama today. He beats Pawlenty 51-40 percent and Bachmann 52-39 percent.

ABC/Washington Post
And compared to this time in 2007, Republicans in general are indicating that they'd be a lot happier if they had better candidates to pick from.

ABC/Washington Post

More Pawlenty vs. Bachmann:

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I'm starting to think the Republicans should just bow out.  Ya know, "the polls show" they should.Allow the democrats to run everything.and give them full control for like 8-10 years.Wouldn't that be great?Once and for all, we would see what works, and what doesn't!

Oh  wait, they had full control of everything on the federal level for 2 years.  For some reason, they never passed a federal budget in the second year (2010) in which they had full control.Perhaps, if they had full control for more than just 2 years, they could really learn to work together to destroy America, along with their collective mobs...

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Inspiring to be like you zeromcbrains...

Yep, Democrats had two years of FULL CONTROL and couldn't pass a budget...Just pointing out factsYes indeed.They had a super majority, as to where all the Republicans could had stayed at home, and the Dems still had enough people to pass ANYTHING they wanted.Still, for some reason, they FAILED to pass a budget in 2010Full control of everything, and NO budget?Just pointing out facts as to why the Republicans should just bow out.  Give the Dems a chance to prove their abilities.


Jerk,jerk,jerk-the MN legislature completed and passed the budget more than once-it was Tpaw whoo illegally unallocated and vetoed it. You can't just make up stuff and call it facts.


Good idea, histroy has proven that the economy does better under Dem presidents than under gop pres. Since you like facts and a healthy economy then you must be supporting the dems!

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