It's Bike To Work Day, so get out of your car

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Thirteen of Clubs
Time to pedal.
​On Monday, we were so on board with the whole Bike Walk Week thing. But then, a steam bath worthy of Mekong Delta melted the roads and turned our heads to mush. And now that Bike To Work Day is finally here, we have a different issue: It feels more like Portland outside.

But OK. We'll ride to work, and as we cross the Stone Arch Bridge, or round Lake Calhoun, or dodge the buses at Lyn-Lake, we'll keep telling our sweaty selves that this year is going to be the year we ditch the car until Labor Day, drop 10 pounds and learn to pity the commuter stuck in the Lowry Tunnel.

Then we'll stop at the coffee shop for a 3-billion-calorie latte and a donut.

Or not. But look, this is the most bike friendly city in the country, dammit, and Bike To Work Day is a great excuse to figure out why.

twin cities bike routes.jpg
Twin Cities Bike Routes.
Coffee and snacks will be served until 9:00 a.m. at the Hennepin County Government Center Plaza in downtown Minneapolis, and in St. Paul's Rice Park. Later, REI Bloomington is hosting a post ride gathering from 4:30 p.m. - 6:30pm.

More events are planned for next weekend: Read about them here.

Now, go pedal your bike.

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yeah, more dickheads on bikes day.  I love how every time a biker bites it in a car, bike accident the biker was always so responsible and always followed the rules, always wore a helmet and then every day that you are driving amoung the bikers you can not find one of them acting responsibly.  Yeah, more of you ride your bikes pleaase.

Lets all go by bike
Lets all go by bike

You know, I never bike. Ever. But If it means pissing off an irrational, logic defunct twit like you, and sending you into a fit of rage, then I shall.

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