Bristol Palin plans Mall of America book signing

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Bristol Palin dishes about Dancing with the Stars and the bad-boy father of her baby.
Bristol Palin, once Alaska's most famous unwed teenage mother, will be bringing her real life soap opera to the Mall of America and signing copies of her new book, "Not Afraid of Life."

The memoir is notable for her account about how she imbibed too many wine coolers and lost her virginity in a tent to former hubby Levi Johnston. Now she likens herself to Hillary Clinton and Princess Dianna, all of them treated rotten by their "bad boy" husbands, as she raises baby Trig alone.

Oh, and she hates Meghan McCain, who has had more than a few choice words of her own about the Palin clan and its impact on her father's 2008 presidential race.

Not that Bristol's bitter. Her PR material says she's a popular, inspiration speaker -- about sexual abstinence. And her mom's totally on board.

Bristol's Book: Shocking; Refreshing; Honest; INSPIRING! Perfect. Plus 'Not Afraid of Life' gives insight into how media can drive false....less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

If this is the kind of inspiration you want, or if you just want some plain old smack talk about politics or Dancing With the Stars, be at the Mall of America rotunda next Wednesday, June 29 at 6 p.m. (Her mom probably warned her about the tomato tossers.)

Meantime, you might also want to place your order for "Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs," Johnston's account of life up close and personal with Caribou Barbie's clan.

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Hey Bristol, way to irritate the lunatic left with your success on Dancing with the Stars.You were such a success, you had people shooting at their TV's.  You're a star, and they will never be; so you will probably get glittered.  They just want to point out how you and shine.  Funny, similar treatment is given to a hero during a parade.  Or thrown at a bride leaving a church. Under the context of protest, glittering should become a reality TV show.  (when fags attack)

"The memoir is notable for her account about how she imbibed too many wine coolers and lost her virginity in a tent..."(BTW CP, your use of the word "imbibed" is in the wrong tense.   Imbibed is implying present participle. "drink")Come on ZeroMcBrains, attack the idiot!  ZeroMcBrains says: "Improper use of words by Hart Von Douchebag.  See he must be an idiot.  Ignore everything he says".

Anyhow, I figured you all would be praising her for her brave experiences of risky liberal lifestyles.  What gives? The liberal chick says: "I really don't like her politics, but I love the way she has unprotected sex while drinking underage.  I feel we have so much in common. Teeheehee"


I thought about the entire glittering thing.. but then I realized I didn't want to waste my time OR money. 


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