Dean Schmitz stabbed to death outside Schooner Tavern

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The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has identified 47-year-old Dean Schmitz, of Richfield, as the man who was stabbed to death early Sunday morning near the Schooner Tavern in south Minneapolis.

Minneapolis cops and paramedics found him alive at about 12:30 a.m. on the 2900 block of 27th Avenue South but couldn't save him, MPD spokesman Sgt. William Palmer says. The stabbing appears to have followed a fight between two groups of people outside the bar.

Police haven't released the name of a man arrested a short time later in relation to the case, but KSTP identified him as 23-year-old Chrishaun McDonald.

Anyone who can provide additional information about what happened outside the Schooner Tavern is asked to call the TIPS Line at 612-692-TIPS (8477).

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2011 Minneapolis Homicides:

Krissy Bates, 45, was strangled, stabbed, and beaten to death on January 11 in her apartment at 1302 Linden Ave. Arnold Darwin Waukazo, her boyfriend, has been charged with murdering Bates, who was transgender.

Stanley Curtis Rogers, 58, was shot dead on the night of January 21 in what police describe as a robbery gone bad in an alley behind 3656 Clinton Ave. S. Ladell James Antone Johnson, 18, has been charged with his murder.

Jeremee Jon Kraskey, 32, died of multiple gunshot wounds early Saturday morning, February 26. Police found his body in the back yard of a home at 3520 14th Ave. S. near Powderhorn Park.

Stephanie Smith, 21, was shot and killed the night of March 28 as she was riding in a car on Park Avenue South with another man. Someone opened fire from another vehicle, and then sped away. There have been no arrests yet in the case.

Benjamin Van Handel, 23, a U of M student out late with friends in Dinkytown, was intentionally run over early in the morning on April 15. He died of his injuries April 21. Timothy Ayman Bakdash, 29, is charged with his murder.

Tomika Swoope, 19, was shot on April 25 in a suspected drive-by on Columbus Avenue South, near her home. Witnesses think she was mistaken for being a gang member. She died April 28 at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Keontrell Govan, 18, died the day after he was found shot in the alley behind the Church of St. Bridget in north Minneapolis on May 4. Ishmael Rashad Moore and Dashaunta D'Mar Gomez, both 17, have been charged with second degree murder in the case.

Kristopher Miller, 27, a popular staffer at North High School, was found shot dead in front of his home on May 11. Derrick Griffin, an associate pastor at the North Side's True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, has been charged with the murder

Edward Trondell Baker, 24, was shot early in the morning on May 24 in the 5700 block of Sander Avenue, just a few blocks north of Highway 62 and the perimeter of Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. He died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Guled Hashi Mohamed, 25, was shot late the night of May 29 while sitting in his car outside a restaurant on Nicollet Avenue South at Groveland Avenue. He died two days later. Biyamin Beiti Omar, 28 has been charged with his murder.

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She was trying to protect herself.... this is such a horrible situation....


Chrishaun is a woman--a transgender woman-- not a man, and she was defending herself against this man's attacks.

Billy Navarro Jr
Billy Navarro Jr

Transgenderwoman cites self-defense in altercation

advocates pointto disproportionate incarceration of

transgenderwomen of color


Press conference to be held tomorrow - Tuesday, June 28th at 10am

At the Hennepin County Government Center in Downtown Minneapolis

300 South 6th Street, Minneapolis

in the north court yard

contact:Katie Burgess

                 Executive Director, Trans Youth Support Network


                 (612) 363-7574


Minneapolis, MN –Earlyon the morning of June 5th, outside the Schooner Tavern on Lake Street, ChrishaunMcDonald was verbally assaulted with racial slurs, sexual harassment, andtransphobic and sexist attacks. When a larger brawl ensued, Ms. McDonaldwas hit in the face with a bottle. Her attacker ended up dead, and Ms. McDonaldwas taken to jail where she remains in solitary confinement. She has beencharged with second degree murder. Ms. McDonald maintains her innocence, citingself-defense: “They were the ones who attacked us. It was evil what they calledus.”

Ms. McDonald is atransgender woman. In the weeks since June 5th, media coverage andprosecutors have consistently referred to Ms. McDonald with incorrect (male)pronouns.  Because Ms. McDonald is beingheld in a gender-segregated jail, the potential for abuse and mistreatment ishigh. In a phone interview from jail, Ms. McDonald described the treatmentshe’s receiving in solitary confinement: “They’ve got me in the hole, andthey're not giving me proper healthcare.”

According to KatieBurgess, Executive Director of the Trans Youth Support Network and a friend ofMs. McDonald’s, “Chrishaun McDonald’s case is a tragedy, but unfortunately it’snot a rarity. Transgender women of color face disproportionate levels ofviolence and harassment, and are pulled into prisons and jails at extremelyhigh rates. Over 30% of trans women of color are incarcerated everyyear. Once in prison or jail, 38% are harassed, 15% are physically assaulted,and 7% are sexually assaulted. These violent abuses are enacted upon them by guardsand fellow prisoners. Although none of us knows all the details about whathappened on June 5th, we do know that the deck is stacked against Ms.McDonald, and we ask concerned community members to support her in her trial.”

Friends who havespoken with Ms. McDonald say she remains hopeful and committed to fighting forjustice in her case. But she has deep concerns that because she is atransgender woman of color she is unlikely to receive a fair trial with a juryof her peers, especially because she doesn’t have the funds to hire her ownlegal counsel. When asked about her trial, Ms. McDonald said, “Everybody shouldjust be treated like human beings, no matter who they are.”

-- Katie BurgessExecutive DirectorTrans Youth Support Network (TYSN)P.O. Box 7625 (mailing)3405 Chicago Avenue South (office)Minneapolis, MN 55407 612-363-7574 cell

To learn more about TYSN, visit:http://www.transyouthsupportne...

Please consider making a donation to support our ongoing work:PayPal


Who is Ceelo
Who is Ceelo

Too bad the man is dead and can't tell us anything.  Did you go to his funeral? Did you talk to his family and tell them what a terrible man he is and he deserved to be "unintentionally" murdered?


name calling dose not give you the right to comitt murder.what was IT, walking around with apair of sissors anyway.


Have you read about the case with the white-American man who INTENTIONALLY shot and killed an African-American man because the African-American man was robbing his house UNARMED? Have you also heard that the white-American man who INTENTIONALLY murdered the African-American man did NOT get charged with murder and got off scots-free? Have you heard that the justice system in the U.S. is racist? No? Okay, go do yourself a favor and read about murder cases based on race, and tell me the justice system is "fair." Ok then.


@Larryboucher1  this is the reason stuff like this happens ... ignorance, hate, and disrespect!! No name calling doesn't give you the right to commit murder but an unprovoked attack can very well turn the table on you!!! be careful how you treat and talk to people... You dont want to be the proverbial STRAW! 


It wasn't just name calling. She was allegedly PHYSICALLY attacked and deprived of medical assistance once the police got there. Do yourself a favor and read about African-American murder cases and compare them all to WHITE-American murder cases. The justice system is RACIST, and so are you.

Del Morrison
Del Morrison

If i'm not mistaken but your are legally allowed to kill anyone that enters your house without permission But you have to warn them first, "Get out or ill f**king kill you" 

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