DNR will close parks Thursday night before July 4 holiday weekend

Maybe it's time to scratch that family camping trip, stash the fishing gear, and unhook the boat from the trailer.

The possibility of a state government shutdown is about to ruin the July 4 holiday weekend for a lot of Minnesotans, because the Department of Natural Resources has ordered that its parks be closed Thursday night.

That means no camping, no restrooms or water facilities at campgrounds, no service on state trails, nothing, in any state campground.

Not only that, but you'd better hustle before July 1 if you want a hunting or fishing license, because sales will be suspended -- in person, by phone, and online.

In fact, the DNR says its entire website will be taken down, replaced by a statement regarding the shutdown, should it actually take place. Details here.

The GOP-led Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton still don't have a budget deal nailed down. And if they don't come up with one by midnight June 30, the shutdown goes into effect on July 1.

There are going to be some very irate outdoorsy folks come Tuesday if the lawmakers don't hammer this thing out.

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this shutdown is going to last about 48hrs who cares, its not the end of the world

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

If there is no one there to sell you the license to fish, then there is obviously no one there to enforce the lack of a license while you're fishing for free. If there is no one there to sell you the camping permit, then there is obviously no one there to enforce camping for free.

Oh, you mean those enforcement jobs will remain during a shutdown?You mean it's necessary to have someone patrolling the empty park?Are they doing a good job of "making you feel it"?

You see the Democrat controlled State Administration, "punish the public" game yet?


More right-wing, down with the big, bad gubbmit!!

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