Dominic Felder's family awarded $2.1M by Minneapolis in wake of police shooting

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Dominic Felder, left, was shot dead in 2006.
The Dominic Felder police shooting saga appears to have finally come to a close, with news that the City Council has voted to approve paying the dead man's family $2.19 million.

It's been more than four years since the 27-year-old man was shot dead by two Minneapolis cops responding to a 911 call. He took seven bullets for what his family described as a mental breakdown and struggle with police that was unprovoked.

MPD tells a different story. Officer Jason King testified during the wrongful death trial that Felder had fought with officers, and almost took a gun away from one of them, the night he was killed.

The case changed the way MPD reported officer-involved shootings, mandating a 48-hour deadline from the time a shooting takes place. And his death was one of a series of events that angered the Police Community Relations Council and stalled Tim Dolan's confirmation as Minneapolis Police Chief in 2006.

The Star Tribune reports that the $2.19 million award is the second largest every paid by the city in the wake of a police misconduct case, a stinging payout considering the jury originally awarded Felder's family $1.8 million. The city challenged the award, but Judge David Doty brushed the challenged aside last month -- and added $380,000 to the tab to help the Felders cover their legal fees.


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