Excessive Heat Warning issued for Twin Cities

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The thermometer was already pushing past 90 at the City Pages Weather Center this morning.
Remember back in March, when you were hunched under that parka, slipping and sliding on months-old ice, cursing the winter that never seemed to end? By dinner time today, you may be looking back on those days and think they were a pretty good deal.

For the next few days, temperatures in the Twin Cities are going to be in the 90s, reinforced by enough humidity to prompt the National Weather Service to issue an Excessive Heat Warning.

Nightmare afternoon commute: I-94 at Lowry Avenue buckles from heat

This weather pattern, more suitable for the Amazon rain forest, will start rolling in by happy hour today, become even more unbearable tomorrow, and then ease up Wednesday.

So, brace for the flop sweat, grab a cold drink -- grab a lot of cold drinks -- and head for the shade, a lake, or the air conditioning. This is the kind of weather that can actually make you sick.

weather june62011.jpg
Brace for the flop sweat.

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