Sen. Gretchen Hoffman faces ethics hearing over bogus mental health tweet

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Sen. Barb Goodwin demanded an apology, but didn't get one.
It's too early to tell whether GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman will actually face some sort of reprimand for smearing DFL Sen. Barb Goodwin via Twitter from the state Senate floor a few weeks ago. But at least the Senate Ethics Committee is going to hold a hearing on the matter.

Here's the tweet that landed Hoffman in hot water, sent during debate on funding cuts to mental health programs:

#Sen Goodwin just called people with mental illness- idiots and imbeciles- while debating HHS bill #offensive #mndfl #mnsrc #mnlegThu May 19 00:33:57 via web

The tweet was amplified when Republican Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb re-tweeted Hoffman's fiction:

RT @Gretchenmh: #Sen Goodwin just called people with mental illness- idiots and imbeciles- while debating HHS bill #offensive #mndfl #mnsrcThu May 19 00:48:08 via TweetDeck

But video from the Senate floor proved that Goodwin said nothing of the sort [VIDEO HERE].

"The way these state institutions used to be, they were called 'institutions for 'idiots, imbeciles and the insane,'" Goodwin actually said. "That's what it said right on the hospital, 'idiots, imbeciles and the insane.'"

Goodwin was disgusted when she learned of the smear job. "This is an ethics violation in my opinion, and I expect a public apology."

She didn't get one.

Here's the ethics complaint. The hearing is next Monday.

May20 Complaint


Sen. Gretchen Hoffman's bogus tweet about mental health "idiots and imbeciles" [VIDEO]

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

This ain't nothing!I have watched Rep. Paul Thissen get reprimanded 3 times in a 5 minutes for breaking those same rules on the house floor.   Just Thissen staying "classy"!Rule 56 and 56.1you can't say things like; "Senator XXX XXXXX wants you all to believe.....You cant project as to another members intentions or thoughts. 

This was just caught after hours in a tweet, and this is standard protocol for a complaint.Nothing will happen.  It's just entered into the records as that member violated a rule of conduct. 

She, should have tweeted a picture of her vagina to some miscellaneous males.  Liberals would have praised her for her past work, while excusing her current actions as OK.


Stay classy, Republicans.

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