Lake Calhoun name change: Park Board powerless

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John C. Calhoun, senator, statesman, slavery proponent.
The Minneapolis Park Board doesn't have the power to rename Lake Calhoun even if it wants to, according to a letter filed by the agency's attorney, Brian Rice.

In fact, it's not clear that anyone can change the lake's name.

Minnesota's commissioner of natural resources might have been able to do something about the city lake named after an iconic senator, statesman and slavery proponent, but such power expires 40 years after a lake is originally named, Rice advised the board.

Rice looked into the matter after Minneapolis resident John Winters, appalled at John C. Calhoun's racism, requested the lake be renamed to honor Hubert H. Humphrey instead.

As Lake Calhoun was originally designated under the authority of the federal government and the name has existed for more than 40 years, I can see no means by which under existing law the name change proposed by Mr. Winter can be accomplished.

Winters is undeterred. He may start a drive to put the proposed name change on a city-wide ballot in the 2012 election.


Here's the Rice letter to the Park Board:

MPLS Park Board Lake Calhoun Name Change

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I get it.  John C. Calhoun was not a nice person.  But change the name of a landmark in MPLS? Come on, let's not waste our time on such worthless causes!


How about researching the real effects that Marquette, Hennepin, and laSalle had on the local populations.  Those are street names 'we the people' have control over......


"Let’s not stop here, let’s change the name of Washington Ave because he owned slaves. Then make a national effort to change the name of the Jefferson Memorial because he owned slaves. And then let’s change the last names of all blacks because their present last name is presumably the same name as their slave owner. This politically correct, non-productive nonsense steals time and energy from people who should be working on more important things."

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Yes you morons.But, But, But I thought liberals "were so smart"

All bodies of water are controlled by the state and by the fed.When you cut down weeds or try to modify the shoreline, who do you have to answer to?

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