Major Northern Lights event predicted tonight

northern lights 1.jpg
The northern lights, at another time, in another place (Alaska).
The folks at Science Buzz say the sun spewed forth a mighty belch of solar particles yesterday, and they're expected to bombard the Earth tonight for a major display of the northern lights.

The spooky yet awesome light show is pretty common Up North, but it ought to be visible with the naked eye across a lot of Minnesota tonight -- if the sky is clear, and you can get away from city lights.

Here's a map from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks depicting where the lights can be seen tonight.

aurora map.JPG
If you can get a clear view, and you have a tripod, try capturing the lights in a photograph with a long time exposure, or on video. This is what the lights can look like:

northern lights 2.jpg
National Geographic reports the solar flare was one of the largest ever seen. Here's some video:

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