Metro Gang Strike Force gets off scot free

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Hennepin County also declined to file anymore charges last year.
After years of controversy, the saga of Minnesota's scandal-riddled gang-combating task force is about to come to an anti-climactic finish.

The U.S. Department of Justice has declined to level anymore federal charges against members of the Metro Gang Strike Force, which means the FBI is moving on, says Steve Warfield, spokesman for the FBI.

"We're closing our investigation," says Warfield.

In summer 2009, Public Safety Commissioner Michael Campion shut down the multi-jurisdictional collective following widespread allegations of misconduct.

"The Metro Gang Strike Force is done," Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek told reporters just before Campion officially pulled the plug. "Not because I say so, but because no one has any trust in the Metro Gang Strike Force now or in the future. Ask the average person and they get it. There's no credibility."

In 2010, the Justice Department indicted Minneapolis police officer Jason Andersen -- who served on the strike force -- with kicking a kid in the head, though a jury found him not guilty.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced last year that his office wouldn't be filing any charges, largely due to a "disorganized" and "substandard" investigation.

Civil suits stemming from accusations against the task force have been more successful, however. Last summer, the task force agreed to a $3 million settlement in a class-action suit. Most of the money was paid to people who claimed they were falsely imprisoned and assaulted.

The FBI submitted its findings to the Justice Department about nine months ago, says Warfield. The report didn't make a recommendation on charges, he says. "We just give them the facts."

When asked if he cared to comment on the Justice Department's decision not to file charges, Warfield declined.

"It is what it is," he says.

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    Drug Task Force Pussies
    Drug Task Force Pussies

    Interesting.  experience has shown me how absolutely corrupt the Task force is.  They mistakenly misrepresented the amount of money seized by about 2 thousand dollars....must've fell into Kevin Boeker's wallet. They even trashed political statements and left pro bush graffiti on my wall.....Whit trash punks


    Oh yeah.. and Stanek is another steaming pile of racist pig shit too..


    This doesn't surprise me at all!  There are so many crooked cops.  I personally was robbed from the west metro drug task force. They raided my house and stole over 5,000 dollars in cash, and an iPod and did not report it as evidence. They also took my roommates nudey mags and placed them all over the house and hung them up in the windows so all of our neighbors could see. Talk about class. All over a relatively small amount of pot. Officer Boecker and the rest of the fat fucks in his crew are a bunch of crooks.


    this has become a real joke - at least they are shut down and not in operation anymore but talk about corruption at all levels here

    we got guys who are supposed to be taking drugs off of the streets hijacking escalades and walking around town flaunting rolexes they took off of "dealers"

    the sad thing is that most of these guys probably got re-hired in the next county over, it happens all of the time, people just look the other way when its cops who are doing these things


    @Drug Task Force Pussies Dude.. this same thing happened to me!! Boeker is such a fat pig!!! Did the guys who raided your house have tie died shirts on?? pigs!!

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