Michele Bachmann's no Ronald Reagan, Wall Street Journal says

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The Wall Street Journal knows Ronald Reagan, and says Bachmann is no Ronald Reagan.
America's Craziest Congresswoman passes herself off as a constitutional conservative, but the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, a bullwark of real conservative thinking, has lumped her in with a bunch of other "Kucinich Republicans" as an ignoramus in that department.

At issue is Bachmann's vote in favor of left wing firebrand Rep. Dennis Kucinich's resolution calling for a U.S. withdrawal of all forces from Libya within 15 days.

On Friday they showed how wise the Founders really were. The House debate on Libya was a fiasco of evasion and posturing that vindicated the Founders for not trusting Congress with the power to run a war.

And then the Journal hammers Bachmann by name:

She will start her campaign to become Commander in Chief by running to the left of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan, Mrs. Bachmann is not.

That's ironic. The man who ran Reagan's 1984 campaign, Ed Rollins, has signed on to manage Bachmann's yet-to-be official campaign.

More insanity: www.shitbachmannsays.com

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

The 1973 War Powers Resolution directs the White House to cease hostilities after 60 days if they have not been authorized by Congress. The deadline expired May 20 for the Libya campaign.

Obama's administration is currently in violation of the 1973 war power act.  If Obama does not stop this war in Libya, congress will be forced to defund it. Wow, how the the tables have turned. Obama the "war hawk"?   BTW, where have all them anti-war clowns gone?  Circus leave town?  They use to have a 2 min segment in every news cycle.   It's has became extremely obvious, they were nothing but political activists.

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