Minneapolis hits 103 degrees and breaks all kinds of records

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Hellish heat plus buckled roads equals massive traffic headaches.
How hot was it? Too damn hot: A record-breaking 103 degrees in Minneapolis, the National Weather Service says.

Hot enough to buckle the roads in dozens of places the past few days, turning commutes into nightmares.

Hot enough to finally melt that ugly little reminder of Snowmageddon in the Sears parking lot in St. Paul.

We haven't had a 103 degree day in 23 years. The temperature hasn't gone over 100 degrees since July 31, 2006. And we tied for the second warmest temperature in the past 69 years: The thermometer once hit 105 degrees on July 31, 1988, but neither mark comes close to the 108 degrees recorded on July 14, 1936.

That's right: 108 degrees. And that came during a week-long stretch of hell in 1936 when the temperature also hit 106 three times and 105 twice -- long before anyone could retreat to air conditioned homes, offices and watering holes.

At least we have the lakes.

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NWS Chanhassen
Today should feel more civilized, with highs in the 70s.

NWS Chanhassen


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