Minnesota legislators who won't accept their salary during a shutdown

When Gov. Mark Dayton said he wasn't going to draw his salary if and when there's a state government shutdown beginning July 1, and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch followed suit, we wondered who in the House and Senate might jump on the bandwagon

They and Dayton could be responsible for laying off tens of thousands of other state employees, after all.

Surely they wouldn't accept a paycheck for that? (The governor's annual pay is $120,000; senators and representatives are paid $31,000.)

So we asked House and Senate members via their official e-mail. Most did not answer; we got a lot of automated thank-you-for-contacting-me messages.

Even fewer lawmakers backed up their positions by blaming each other for the mess.

Here's GOP Sen Carla Nelson: "When Gov. Dayton rejected two compromises without offering any counter proposals, it became clear to me that a shutdown was imminent. I immediately told my family that I would not be getting paid in July and we need to plan accordingly."

DFL Rep. Linda Slocum: "I will not be taking my salary when/if we have a shut down," writes . "I do it in solidarity with the competent and wonderful state workers who may be without a paycheck because of the rigid ideologues who are unwilling to balance the budget."

Then we contacted the co-controller at the House, who said members have a salary refusal form with a non-binding deadline attached to it, simply for the convenience of the paper pushers. But no names or numbers are being published yet because House members can refuse their salary -- or rescind their refusal -- up until June 30.

In the Senate, an official with fiscal services said she was fairly certain there was never an official form for refusing salary. Members make their preferences know individually. And she wasn't divulging any names, either.

So here are the legislators -- so far -- who have told us they won't draw salary if there's a shut down.

Republican House members include Roger Crawford (08B), Sondra Erickson (16A), Andrea Kieffer (56B), Kathy Lohmer (56A) and Jenifer Loon (42B).

DFL House members include: Kathy Brynaert (23B), Andrew Falk (20A), Melissa Hortmann (47B), Kate Knuth (50B), Terry Morrow (23A), Erin Murphy (64A), Kim Norton (29B), Michael Paymer (64B), Steve Simon (44A), Nora Slawik (55B), Linda Slocum (63B), and Ryan Winkler (44B).

GOP Senate members include Majority Leader Amy Koch (19), Michelle Benson (49), John Carlson (4), Roger Chamberlain (53), Gary Dahms (21), Ted Daley (38), Bill Ingebrigtsen, (11), Carla Nelson (30), Julie Rosen (24), and David Senjem (29).

DFL Senate members include Tony Lourey (8) and James Metzen (39).

We'll keep an eye out for more replies to survey request -- if we get them -- and update the story. In the meantime, it looks like Ramsey County Chief District Judge Kathleen Gearin may be making the ultimate decisions next week defining which essential government services stay open in case of a shut down.

Note: We mistakenly included Rep. Alice Hausman (66B) among those who told us they would not be drawing their salary during the shut down.


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Dayton doesn't need the money.  He is a silver spoon heir to the Dayton empire which built their fortune on the backs of the people of Minnesota.  He has never been in a real business and is a career politician given his power through his daddy!  He is a typical millionaire who's only road to power was though the government paid for by the Dayton family.  Thanks a lot Dayton, I guess whn you never had to live under a budget, why have one!

Ann EB Steinke
Ann EB Steinke

NONE of them should be receiving pay.It's not that the above are generous heroes, it's the remaining that are not mandated to being out of work-i would call them all unnecessary gov. employees.


Paul Thissen just confirmed to me personally via email that he is not accepting salary during the shutdown.


I like it,,, the Dem's are calling what amounts to a 'Strike',,like we used to do when the fat-cat bosses at work tried to bully US into caving in to their unreasonable demands. IF there were anyone left with a set of balls,, ALL workers should walk out of work in favor of NOT BEING PUSHED AROUND by big money interests. You never know,, it may be just what we need,,,,

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"They and Daytoncould be responsible for laying off tens of thousands of other state employees,after all."

They mean the Democrat Legislators right?The Democrat legislators have never proposed a budget bill.Is it because they love the Republicans bill so much?

Pop this into your address bar-

senate.  leg.  state. mn.  us/  departments/  caucus_budget_recommendation. php   ?ls(Take out all spaces without a underscore and add the typical http and www)

See, not one democrat proposed bill coming from the Senate.Read the dollar amount summery of the Republicans bills.See the wide spread increases in funding for numerous programs.Where are the cuts people?Have they been trying to brainwash you with the talking points like "cuts"What cuts?The Republicans have offered numerous bills to Dayton.Dayton, Just says "No" Republicans ask Mr. Dayton;  Lets fix this and come to an agreement in aspecial session.Dayton, Just says "No" Yes in fact, Daytonis the "PARTY OF NO"!Are you part of that party?Are you part of the "PARTY OF NO"?

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