Minnesotans blame Legislature, Dayton equally for shut down

Throwing cold water on claims of popular support by both the Republicans running the Legislature, and DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, Minnesotans in a new poll are blaming both sides equally for the budget battle that may force a state government shutdown.

They also largely disapprove of the job the Legislature is doing, while at the same time opposing higher state spending -- which is the job the Legislature is doing. Go figure.

According to KSTP/SurveyUSA:

If the state government shuts down, who is most responsible?

21% Governor
20% Republican Legislators
7% DFL Legislators
50% All Equally
2% Not Sure

Do you approve or disapprove of the job the State Legislature is doing?

23% Approve
65% Disapprove
12% Not Sure

Should Minnesota's government increase spending?

8% Increase
60% Decrease
27% About The Same
5% Not Sure

If no deal is reached by midnight June 30, state government functions will begging shutting down the next day, and state workers will be laid off, starting July 1.

Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin will hear the state's arguments at 10 a.m. Thursday for keeping essential services open in the event of a shutdown.

Both sides are supposed to hold a negotiating session this afternoon, and will doubtless claim they're each on the side of the people.


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Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

It's a crap survey.   The third question is nonsense and biased.   Why not ask a question specific to what the Republicans or Democrats are trying to do?     Every poll that asks about Dayton's actual budget plan shows overwhelming support.   This is a crap poll.  Plus I promise 60% wouldn't want a decrease in government spending once they say how it will affect them.   Survey after survey shows that people want to decrease spending in general but not when you get specific about what you have to cut.   


SUSA is well-known for mysterious mid-cycle polling. They are good close to elections, but I would trust PPP's results more.

This poll (SUSA): 558 registered votersPPP: nearly 1200 registered voters

In addition, SUSA's poll uses a sample of only 359 for Q4 and Q5, and only 46(!) for Q6.

The real test is Q10. If this poll is reliable, then you must believe that 93% of the State's adults are registered to vote (within a MOE of 2.1%). It's just not that high in reality.

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