Betting Against a Budget: MN GOP takes March Madness-style bets on government shutdown

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The betting form was supposed to be routed through the office of a legislative aide for Sen. David Senjem.
Evidently the prospect of shutting down state government and laying off 36,000 state workers is so entertaining to some Republican staffers at the Legislature that they ginned up a March Madness-style betting sheet.

For a dollar entry, legislators would have been able to bet on the dates for one, if not two, special sessions, how long people will be out of work, and whether specific legislation would have been approved during the special session -- including an expansion of state gambling.

We say, "would have," because once word of the betting sheet leaked out, Republicans had a serious case of egg on their face and insisted up and down that the bone-headed offer was never circulated.

"It's incredibly inappropriate," Michael Brodkorb, Executive Assistant to the Senate GOP Caucus, told WCCO. "It wasn't distributed. Copies were discarded and no bets were taken."

We don't know who created the betting sheet, but we're trying to reach Beth Kleinboehl, a legislative assistant to Rochester GOP Sen. David Senjem, whose name appears at the bottom of the page. The bets were apparently supposed to go her desk.

budget pool.jpg
It's a rigged game.

Way to keep it classy, MN GOP.

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