Palin hot on Bachmann's heels into Iowa

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Happy couple Bachmann and Palin campaigning together for cash last year.
Whatever she's been doing in Iowa, it's paying off for Michele Bachmann, because she's now second only to Mitt Romney in the first Des Moines Register poll of 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls.

That gives America's Craziest Congresswoman a boost when she announces her official entry into the 2012 official today in Waterloo.

And of course it's a pure coincidence that Sarah Palin just happens to be blowing into the state the very next day.

Just like it was purely a coincidence that Palin happened to be touring New Hampshire the same day Mitt Romney announced his campaign, sucking all the air out of Romney's media environment with a nod and wink without actually having to dirty her hands.

Unlike Palin, Bachmann is actually hustling for the tea party votes and shamelessly brown nosing Iowans. The only thing Palin's doing is what she's always done since helping John McCain lose the 2008 presidential race, and quitting her job as Alaska's governor: Promoting her personal brand.

So Palin's going to be in Pella, Iowa, on Tuesday, to promote a movie-length work of pubic relations about herself titled -- apparently without irony -- "The Undefeated."


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Dushyant D. Banker
Dushyant D. Banker

Michele Bachmann from Watrloo Iowa will follow example of Napolean, she will be one primary Presidential Candidate as Rick Perry and Mitt Romany will Slug it out for the first spot. 

Mn Voter
Mn Voter

Craziest Congresswoman: Has Maxine Waters resigned or lost?

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