Pawlenty banks on voters forgetting the Obamneycare wimp-out

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Team Pawlenty says we'll all forget why Mitt Romney was smiling Monday night.
Tim Pawlenty branded his presidential campaign, "Tell The Truth." He titled his book, "Courage To Stand." And then he wimped out in the Republican debate when offered a chance to confront Mitt Romney about "Obamneycare."

No worries, though. Team Pawlenty figures we're a nation of stoners suffering from short-term memory loss. No one's going to remember T-Paw's nationally televised act of submission, says Alex Conant, the campaign's spokesman.

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"Presidential campaigns are marathons. They are not won or lost in a night or a week or a month," he told the New York Times. "If you want to be successful, that means taking your case directly to the voters in the early states."

And voters will no doubt get a helping hand from the 24-hour cable news machine the minute a bright shiny object flies by, says Minnesota GOP operative Vin Weber in the same piece.

"The subject will change," he said. "Something will happen. Anthony Weiner will resign. Something will happen."


But if he wants to be the real tough guy portrayed by his ghost writer, video director and PR gurus, sooner or later he's going to have to confront the other kids in the school yard. Otherwise, the Pioneer Press is going to look prescient for putting his presidential race announcement on the obituary page.


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MN Voter
MN Voter

Klobuchar & Obama want us to forget the weiner! Is Obama directing the justice department to tell who in the justice deparment is responsible for murder of a border quard?

Pawlenty is following Reagan's 11th commandment.

Phoenix Woman
Phoenix Woman

Funny how Newt Gingrich can do what John Edwards did -- cheat on his deathly-ill first wife -- and while Edwards is now reviled by the GOP/Media Complex, Gingrich is a viable presidential candidate.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

As a true Republican I have to say that double standard is somehow Obama's fault.  It is also Obama's fault that we supported Senator David Vitter when he had his prostitution scandal.  I'm so sick of how the liberal media in this country hounded Rep. Anthony Weiner until he quit but they ignored Senator David Vitter.   The lamestream media pretty much forced us into keeping that diaper wearing freak Vitter.   Doesn't seem fair if you ask me. 

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

What is Reagan's 11th commandment?   To only talk shit behind someone's back and then snivel and cower when you are in front of them?   We don't need a coward in the White House.   We need a man that is willing to shoot Osama Bin Laden in the eye not a little wimp that is afraid of a dork like Mitt Romney.   If you won't stand up to a dork like Mitt how are you going to stand up to anyone?  

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