Bill Pulkrabek girlfriend assault update: Decision on charges expected today

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Bill Pulkrabek posed for a mugshot, but so far he has yet to explain the alleged domestic assault
The Ramsey County Attorney's office tells City Pages it will make a decision today on whether to bring charges against Bill Pulkrabek, the Washington County Commissioner arrested Monday for allegedly choking his girlfriend and dragging her down a flight of stairs by her hair.

The dispute was referred to Ramsey County after Washington County Attorney Pete Orput passed on the case, citing the potential appearance of a conflict of interest in prosecuting a fellow county official.

Pulkrabek's victim has not been identified, but in a police report she is referred to as Pulkrabek "girlfriend." His wife, Oakdale City Council member Lori
Brian LeClair had been letting Bill Pulrabek stay at his townhouse for the past six months as he went through a divorce.
Pulkrabek, says that she and her husband have been separated for six months.

Bill Pulkrabek says that since that time he's been living with Brian LeClair, a former adviser for Governor Tim Pawlenty. The alleged assault occurred at LeClair's Woodbury home.

Pulkrabek's lawyer, Ryan Kaess, declined to comment on the case to City Pages, but told the Pioneer Press his client denies the accusations in the police report.

We will update this page as soon as the decision on charges is announced.

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