Ricky Rubio arrives in Minnesota and brings MSP to grinding halt [VIDEO]

rubio arrives.jpg
Rubio arrives, the media goes nuts.
As if baggage claim wasn't enough of a pain in the neck for travelers under ordinary circumstances, Ricky Rubio waded into the area Monday at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, greeted by a mad sea of media and fans, and shut the place down.

Yes, the Timberwolves savior has arrived. You want to know just how unreal the pressure is going to be on this scruffy, 20-year-old Spaniard to work miracles with the worst team in the NBA, listen to the guy with the microphone in this video:

"What a moment for Minnesota!" he gushes. "Oh, the beauty and the grace!"

Need a hankie there, bro?


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He's 20. If he was a top baseball draft choice, he'd just be starting in the minors with hopes he'd make the big club in three or four years. He wouldn't even be draft eligible in football. The NHL might let him play with the big boys, but wouldn't expect much for a while. Kevin Love got good only in his third season. It will be nice if the Wolves are better next year, but realistically, we're just hoping for some individual improvement and maturing. It's painful, but other patient lousy teams made the playoffs last year.

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