Ricky Rubio WTF: "We'll see"

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Ricky Rubio, it's make your mind up time.
Fresh off helping his Regal Barcelona team nail the Spanish ACB hoops championship, it seemed like Ricky Rubio would soon be winging his way to a Timberwolves locker.

But now, the point guard touted as the T-Wolves' savior may be getting cold feet.

"We are taking with Barcelona and we will soon see," he told AP, prompting ESPN to wonder out loud whether the 20-year-old really, truly wants to play in Minneapolis.

There were plenty of unconfirmed reports that he finally inked a deal with the team on May 31. And Rubio handles the ball better than he speaks English, so maybe this is all a big misunderstanding. But it plays into a suspicion that's been afoot ever since Rubio was drafted in 2009.

But with the Timberwolves front office still mum on the deal, fans -- and the team -- are left twisting in the wind again.

Ricky Rubio huh? I'll believe it when I see it...Thu Jun 02 04:10:19 via web


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He was just talking about his buyout with Barcelona. He has signed a contract with the Wolves. Its a done deal. Neal.. Move to Spain. There are plenty of "parochial" towns you can live in and trash at the same time.


He doesn't want to play here !  There should be no confusion about that.  Cold winters, pathetic team, apathetic fans, parochial town surrounded by hundreds of miles of corn fields.

I'd rather be in Spain!


"We are taking with Barcelona and we will soon see," he told AP...

Oh God!  What is he taking?!  I hope it's not hallucinogens.

Or maybe this is just the result of a sloppy Spanish-to-English translation?  More likely: a sloppy English-to-Hart translation.

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