St. Paul Saints Weiner boxer shorts may be grossest ballpark giveaway ever

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The scandal-savvy St. Paul Saints have jumped on Weinergate with the ball club's latest bizarre giveaway.

This time, the first 1,501 fans who are 18 or over will receive a snazzy pair of boxer shorts that commemorate Weiner's most famous photo--the one with the bulge.

While we normally enjoy the sardonic sensibility of the scrappy minor league club's marketing department, this one feels like a whiff.

Here's where the Weinershorts went wrong:

1) The underwear Anthony Weiner was wearing in the famous photograph were boxer briefs--a hybrid of boxers and tightie whities--not these Volleyball shorts.

2) Unlike the Larry Craig Bobblefoot Doll, which played off a familiar ballpark totem, there's no precedent for handing out undergarments at a sporting event.

3) No ballpark giveaway should be limited to "adults only." Kids are the only ones who have any right to enjoy this kind of stuff. Seriously, if you are an adult who wears these, you have bigger problems than Anthony Weiner.

4) The nose on the hot dog is just ... gross.

5) Someone discarded the obvious 50% off foot-long hot dogs gimmick, which would have made way more sense at a ballpark.

But if history is any indication, these garish undershorts will be selling for big bucks on eBay shortly after the end of the 9th, so we won't blame you for picking up a pair.

Just make sure they aren't "game worn."

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why do the saints even still exist??


Oh come on, get over yourself, Kevin.  It's a joke and that's what the Saints are all about with their giveaways.  They can laugh about the ridiculousness of all of these situations - the recount, Larry Craig, and yes, Anthony Weiner.  More so, the media sensationalism of all of it. Over 18 only?  Why not?  Do you really think kids enjoyed the Larry Craig bobble head?  Better yet, did they understand it?  Seriously, get a grip.


I think it's funny. If you're describing a boxer-shorts giveaway to commemorate a guy named Weiner tweeting a pic of his, well, you know, and you have to bring the phrase "sardonic sensibility" into it, you're doing it wrong. It's a gag, man.


These make me so uncomfortable, yet I need a pair. But I don't know if sitting through a Saints game is worth it.


You apparently haven't sat through a Saints game.

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