Target bribed and intimidated to squash union, appeal claims

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Target employees voted not to unionize.
At least now the Target employees in Valley Stream, N.Y., know how to get raises, free coffee and donuts, and a renovated lunch room: Just offer to snitch on the union trying to organize fellow employees.

That's the gist of a petition just filed with the National Labor Relations Board by the United Food and Commercial Workers, which lost a unionization effort at the giant retailer's Valley Stream location.

The drive was a big deal because, had it succeeded, it would have created the first union shop for the Minneapolis-based retailer.

The union accuses the company of bribing its workers with the benefits, threatening them with reprisals if they supported the union, trying to stop workers from speaking to each other about the union, creating a threatening voting environment and warning darkly that the store would close if the union drive succeeded.

Who, us? Target replied.

"We believe this was a fair election in which our team members had the chance to make private decisions," a spokeswoman said. "It was our hope that our team members' decisions would have been honored and that the union would have respected team members' personal choice not to unionize."

Crain's New York Business reports that the NLRB in New York has started investigating the union's charges, but adds that even if a new union election were held, the chances of a change in result are slim to none.


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I wouldn't work for a company that was unionized.  I'd prefer to get pay increases based on merit, rather than length of employment (and I've been at the same company for 27 years).


 I wonder how Target bribed them? Did they say they could get a 12 cent raise instead of 10 cents this year (if they were going to get a raise at all)? Did they tell they person they hired in at "full time" they might get 8 hours in a week instead of the 6 they've been scheduling them?


"bribing with benefits"?? As opposed to the union bribing the employees with benefits that the union controls.......

Bleep you
Bleep you

Nothing about Michele Bachman, what gives? Gotta be able to link her to this somehow.

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