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Mr. T in DC
Target warns employees of the union menace
Employees at least one New-York-area Target store are trying to join a union, complaining of wages and hours that have forced some into depending on food stamps to feed their families.

Target doesn't have any unionized stores, and the absence of any organized labor is working out great for the company's bottom line. With $689 million in profits in the last quarter alone, Target is vigorously fighting to keep workers from successfully organizing.

How is it doing that? Well, today, the press has gotten a hold of some of the anti-union literature Target management is distributing to employees.

One document passed out to workers warns that if they vote the union in, "If you break any rule you could be put on trial before the union bosses."

"Will the store close if the union gets in? There are no guarantees," reads another flyer. "The union has a terrible record of store closings."

Asked if employees were meant to understand that Target would close the location if a union is voted in, Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder gave City Pages this answer:

"Like all stores, this store's future depends upon its economic performance. We continually evaluate the profitability of all of our stores and have closed stores that are not economically viable."

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da Man
da Man

OK a union is paid by.... Employees not the corp. the employees take home less so before they vote it in they better have their ducks in a row or they too will be screwed again by the union. Unions will organize the employees to one mindset. But a lot of states don't require you to join

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I think all workers should unionize!Really sock it to the employer!Every employee should get paid at least $12 an hour, and full benefits, no mater how pointless the job!

Cause in the end, it wont hurt Target one bit.

They will pass the costs on to the consumer.  Then their competition wont have to keep their prices low to compete with Target.

Yes kick the poor right where it counts!

A cheep shirt should cost at least $20...

I've got it!Replace every employee you can, with a machine!


being a former worker this i find funny. its a deja vu of 2yrs back when target showed us a vid about how bad unions are and if u formed one all the perks of being a target employee would go away...all i was thinking was what perks? being forgiven for going over 40HR mark and being able to keep my job or the 10% off buying stuff in the store. my first year there we got praised for being #1 department in all of the company and yet our team lead had to FIGHT for the MAXIMUM raise ammount when it was time for reviews...


target gives you a 10 cent raise and then cuts your hours in half good job ceo you just made 10 million more in your pocket


just ask your father or grandfather if they ever heard of such a thing..and when they stop laughing in your face, ask them how it really turned out for their generation. This is an OLD ,,OLD story that comes around with each new generation of rich pricks.

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