Tim Pawlenty is broke

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Pawlenty's fighting for cash.
Tim Pawlenty's surrogates are batting back reports this morning that the campaign is broke, with aides and consultants working for little or no money for months on end, and the candidate himself failing to keep pace with front-runner Mitt Romney's fundraising prowess.

Pawlenty's wimp-out in the New Hampshire GOP debate hasn't helped in the dialing-for-dollars department either, the Washington Post reports.

And remember the glitter bomb? Try explaining that to Daddy Warbucks before he puts your call on hold.

But there's no problem, an unidentified member of Pawlenty's staff told the paper. Everything's fine. Just fine.

"This isn't 'We're broke and we can't afford to pay you,' " the aide said. "We're raising exactly what we said we were going to raise. We're paying our consultants exactly what they expected to be paid right now."

Right now, maybe. But are we looking at the makings of a Newt Gingrich-grade staff implosion? Primary season is a marathon, and his high-powered political operatives are going to have to start earning a living sooner or later.


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A good article I guess, if your audience is other fringe left liberals.  How do we know Pawlenty is broke?  It doesn't mention it in the article.


HAW-HAW,,T-Paw,,,ran your campaign like you ran our state,,right into the ground,,,AIN'T LIFE GREAT  !!!!


Maybe he can borrow some money from Ron Paul...?

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Maybe Tim can do some accounting shifts, borrow some money from public schools and "ta-da"   T-Paw has balanced the budget again. 


tpaw is a joke. fake southern accent, failure to engage mitt romney; hatred of public employees. tpaw, you might want to see if the fabled grocery store of your youth is hiring.....cuz you aint gonna get that job out in dc.

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