Timberwolves to fire Kurt Rambis

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Rambis is looking for a new gig.
Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis didn't put in an appearance at the Ricky Rubio rock star welcome at MSP earlier this week, and he won't be coaching Rubio either.

The Timberwolves have decided to fire him, and plan to announce their decision after tonight's NBA Draft -- which he won't be attending -- according to Yahoo Sports.

The former Lakers star has earned a lousy 32-132 record during his two years coaching the forlorn and perpetually rebuilding Minneapolis squad, including a league-worst 17-65 in 2010-11.

Rambis in his glory days with the Lakers.
Increasingly dysfunctional relationships with team president David Kahn and key players like Reggie Love haven't helped his cause, either.

So say goodbye and good riddance to the triangle offense, but who can turn this crew around?

Reports suggest team owner David Kahn is looking at Portland assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff, who's previously held the hot seat in Charlotte, Washington, Denver and Seattle. Plus, his son J.B. already serves under Rambis.

University of Washington coach Lorenzo Romar is also rumored to be on the radar.

Meantime, Kahn will be on hand, alone, when the Timberwolves announce their No. 2 draft pick tonight.

Rambis, in all likelihood, will be back at home in Los Angeles pondering his future -- we hear there's an opening in Detroit.


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What great reporting, Reggie Love and team owner David Kahn? Who an all time new low.


Not to mention the journalistic faux pas of declaring with certainty an event which has not yet taken place. Yeah, it might be a sure thing, but it's never a good idea to report on the future. I'm sure if the City Pages reporters did go to journalism school, their new editor has wiped all of those lessons from their brains by now.

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