Timothy Bakdash mug shot released by Minneapolis police

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bakdash 200.jpg
Timothy Ayman Bakdash
It took just a week for Minneapolis police to arrest Timothy Ayman Bakdash after Benjamin Van Handel was run down and killed in April not far from the Library Bar in Dinkytown.

Yet even though Bakdash was indicted on first degree murder charges in May, it has taken until today for police to release the Bakdash mug shot.

Police said they held the photo because of the ongoing investigation. But now they want his image spread far and wide because they need help finding anyone who may have had an encounter with Bakdash during the evening of April 14 and into the early morning hours of April 15 in Dinkytown.

Here's Bakdash:

bakdash 2shot.jpg
Did you come into contact with Bakdash the night of June 14-15? If so, get in touch with Minneapolis Homicide Investigators Sgt. John Holthusen or Sgt.Christopher Gaiters at 612-673-2941.
Van Handel's death was shocking because it sounded as though Bakdash had run him down intentionally after an argument at the Library Bar. But the week after he was indicted, prosecutors said that the U of M student was killed in a case of mistaken identity. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, on the sidewalk of 5th Street S.E., near 12th Avenue S.E.:

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