Toddler dies under Shoreview chiropractor's table

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The Triton DTS TRT-600 weighs 300 pounds
​This is just awful. An 18-month-old boy died yesterday as a result of a tragic accident in a chiropractor's office while his mother lay strapped to a table, unable to save her son.

The boy crawled under the treatment table at First Chiropractic in Shoreview, pushed a button that lowered it, and was crushed by its weight. Amy Elizabeth Newton, of Moundsview, is the mother. The little boy's name has not been released.

"We haven't had any calls to this chiropractor or any incident in the past," says Randy Gustafson of the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department. "It just appears to be a tragic incident."

The chiropractor strapped the woman to a Triton ETS TRT-600 table, a piece of equipment that weighs 300 pounds, and then left the room, according to Gustafson. The woman's three children, all under the age of 4, were left in the treatment room with their mother.

When the 18-month-old boy, the youngest of the the three children, crawled under the table and triggered the equipment that lowered it, the mother screamed for help. A staff member rushed back into the room, raised the table, and began giving the boy CPR.

Ramsey County Sheriff's deputies and Lake Johanna firefighters rushed to the office and continued giving the boy CPR. They were able to get him breathing, and to detect a pulse. Mother and son were rushed to Regions Hospital in an ambulance. But there, the boy was pronounced dead.

Gustafson said that there didn't seem to be any criminal activity involved.

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Very Sad. My Chiro has a static table and does all adjustments physically. Machines are BS. Like buying food from a vending machine. My prayers go to this family and All involved.

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