Rep. Tom Hackbarth compares unions to Fidel Castro and Hitler in e-mail

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Rep. Tom Hackbarth somehow drags Hitler and Castro into debate about Minnesota's budget.
Representative Tom Hackbarth really knows how to start trouble for himself. First it was lurking in an abortion clinic parking lot with a gun. Now this.

Late last week, Hackbarth got an email from Robin Seifert, a member of the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees. She asked him to oppose an "all-cuts budget" and to "please tax the richest 2% of Minnesotans."

In response, Hackbarth saw fit to shame her with references to Hitler, communism and Fidel Castro. Now union members want an explanation.

Seifert's letter urges the lawmaker to support Gov. Mark Dayton's proposal to tax the richest Minnesotans as opposed to a cuts-based budget favored by Republicans. In a manner of speaking, she didn't write it herself -- rather she simply filled in the blanks in this form email from MAPE's website. Her only original writing was a quick two-sentence plug at the end in support of a Vikings Stadium.

This kind of generic letter-writing was apparently news to Hackbarth who couldn't believe how similar her letter was to others he's been receiving. It rapidly goes downhill from there. Here's his full response:


I can't believe what I'm hearing from folks? All, similar letters to yours.
Are you a Union member? If so, are they the communist giving you this propaganda?

Do you know the who, what, when, where, why, and how, of Fidel Castro?
Hitler rose to power using and blaming the jews for the destruction of the German economy. Castro built his army of murderers by blaming the rich bankers and capitalist for destroying Cuba and taking advantage of the Cuban people. Hummmm?

Representative Hackbarth

MAPE executive director James Monroe released the emails this afternoon along with his own response letter to Hackbarth.

"I am deeply troubled about what you wrote and ask you to shed light onto linking a public employee union with the rise of Adolph Hitler and murderous armies of Fidel Castro," he wrote.

You can download and read the entire email exchange here.

Hackbarth's legislative assistant says the representative is up north where cell phone reception is spotty and is trying to contact him for response.

We'll keep you posted as this bizarre feud unfolds.

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Methods are the same. 1.  Infiltrate the youth2.  Associate people as "ONE" (against common enemy)3.  Propose the forceful removal of the opposition "enemy"Hitler knew that people lose their identity in a crowd and used this to sway opinions. If you will observe you'll see the same concept being use effectively today by many. We are thinkers by nature. Give this up, and what do you have?  A herd, and a Shepard.  Can you say baaa?

Communist Party USA openly stands by the democrat party and their agenda.This has been clearly noted on the the CPUSA website and through most CPUSA sister sites.

You may not agree with the Communist party, but they sure do agree with you and the democrat agenda!  The eerie similar messages of  "We salute the labor movement" and "The working class" posted on both parent sites.The same symbols like the closed fist with the thumb across the fingers.  (Unions, Communists, Hitler)Remember the 'One Nation' rally the communists, socialists, and democrats held last Oct?10's of thousands attended.Pull up the flyer.  See who attended. 

Want PROOF of what I say?  Here is one of manyGoogle: "12 days to go: The election depends on you"First link. CPUSA

Tom Hackbarts is a retired 30+ year UNION MEMBER.  I'm sure he will eventually collect a UNION PENSION.  Do you think it would be in his best interest to destroy the unions as the liars claim?  Stop staring into the shiny object they're waving in front of you!  THINK!!!

Tom Emmer and Bob Davis were able to contact Tom Hackbart this morning within 10 minutes, and they spoke on this issue.  Citypages announced their radio show last week.  Has everyone started listening?  You would have been more educated than the hearsay bullshit in which you find here.  Go to KTLK-FM and download the podcast...

See People like Phony Michelle, (who posts here) will try to discredit me with no details at ALL. Personally I believe it's because He/She/It believes you're to stupid to understand any details.  

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Where have I seen Rep. Hackbarth's writing style before?   Let's see he makes a stupid, illogical point that has no basis in fact.....hmmmmmm.   I think Rep. Hackbarth is Kirk the Conservative Jerk.   


I understand your hate.  Do you know ANY history at all....other than that spoonfed to you by FOX's team of LIARS?  The first thing Hitler did was OUTLAW unions.  My god, there are some details for you.  Earth still flat in Kirk's world?  How dare you defend the Rich....they have theirpaid stooges.

You must be one of them.  We are not fooled.

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