Twin Cities sizzling under Excessive Heat Warning

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Grab a cold drink and crank up the A/C, because the National Weather Service has issued another Excessive Heat Warning for the Twin Cities.

Highs are expected to be in the 90s this afternoon and into the evening, but it will feel more like 100-106 degrees once humidity is factored in with the heat index -- maybe even higher in the downtown areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

This is the kind of steam bath that can literally make you sick.

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Older folks are especially at risk.The City of Minneapolis has posted a list of public buildings with air conditioning. And the weather service is also reminding everyone not to leave small children or pets locked in cars with the windows up. The heat can kill them.

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NWS Chanhassen
There may be a few thunderstorms in the area tonight, and the worst of the heat should be off my tomorrow morning.

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Hot, hot, hot.

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