Brace for flop sweat: Excessive Heat Warning remains in effect

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hot day 2.jpg
Stinking hot at the CP Weather Center this morning.
Yesterday it was hot enough to melt the roads. Today it's going to be even worse. The National Weather Service says we're facing a hot, sticky mess with temps and humidity pushing the heat index to 101.

The overall effect will feel like standing in front of a hair dryer: Winds could be gusting up to about 30 mph. And it could mean we break a record. The highest temperature for this date in Minneapolis was 95 degrees in 2004.

The heat index everyone's talking about is a scale that combines temperature with relative humidity.

nws heat index.jpg
NWS Chanhassen
The weather service declares an excessive Heat Warning when the heat index at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport reaches 105 degrees or more for one day, or the maximum heat index reaches 100 degrees or greater, and the overnight low temperature is no cooler than 75 degrees for two days in a row.

That latter scenario sounds like us. The heat index today is supposed to range from 95 to 101 today. But there's respite ahead. The winds today are supposed to usher in a cold front accompanied by thunderstorms late tonight and tomorrow.

What are you doing to stay cool?


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