U.S. juvenile sex trafficking arrests far lower than much-hyped survey suggests

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Sex trafficking is just plain evil, and it's illegal, but a 10-year-review of law enforcement data shows that the heinous crime appears far less prevalent in America than much-hyped data suggests.

Village Voice Media examined a decade's worth of arrests for juvenile prostitution in the nation's 37 largest cities and found 8,263 cases. That's about 827 a year, and 11 annually in Minnesota.

That's a far cry from the unsubstantiated estimates of 100,000 to 300,000 kids sold as sex slaves every year that gets carelessly thrown around by everyone from Congress to the New York Times -- and now by to Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

The new Voice investigation results can be found in Real Men Get Their Facts Straight. The headline is a play on Kutcher and Demi Moore's PSA campaign, "Real Men Don't Buy Girls."

It's the second in an ongoing series that began with a City Pages report a few months ago, Junk Science, that exposed the totally unscientific findings from the Women's Funding Network on which the inflated figures are based.

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An interactive version of this map can be found at Real Men Get Their Facts Straight

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Artstrada Magazine
Artstrada Magazine

most of the prostitutes in Austin Texas are not arrested unless they are also associates of violent criminals or drug cartels or drug trafficking.. most prostitutes are trafficked by their families, friends, associates, coworkers and circumstances.. boyfriend pimps being the most common trafficking type. NONE of this will show in arrest statistics. However, they will probably have an ad on Backpage.com or similar slave rag. 


I couldn't believe this article in City Pages. You said it Grover!

J. Z. Grover
J. Z. Grover

“Real Men Get Their Facts Straight”(CP, 06/29/11), fails to liveup to its own advice by getting its (statistical) facts wrong andignoring the obvious: any estimate of the number of children involvedin commercial sex will neverequal the number of children arrested for prostitution.

DidCP's tirelessresearchers consider the simple fact that not all purveyors of sexsell it on the street? Children working in brothels, porn films, andvideos, and for escort services, massage parlors, and other retailersof commercial sex are less likely to be arrested for prostitutionthan children working on the street. To conflate these two categoriesis comparable to saying that because only xpeople were arrested in the US for selling drugs, only xpeople were pushing drugs. Duh.

Iagree that no one knows how many children are being prostituted orare prostituting themselves in the US, but Cizman, Conklin, andHinman's argument is the daftest one yet in claiming that onlyarrests constitute anindex of child prostitution. That piece of craziness gives newmeaning to the old adage attributed to Mark Twain, “There are threekinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Backto Stat 101 for you guys.

J. Z.GroverSaint Paul

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Hey, all you have to do, is film every paid sexual encounter.  Then call it porn, and not prostitution.Also, all precipitants need to be 18, or a least say they are.Anyone else ever notice the loophole in the prostitution law?

Furthermore they don't put the underage ones on the street.  That sort of stupidity, will get them pinched, and shut their very lucrative business down.


Hey Grover, you are right! BUT ummmmmmm.........could you point me to a source that gives empirical evidence of children being used in this manner in brothels(illegal in the US  I thought), child "porn" movies (also illegal), massage parlors(illegal), escort services(illegal) and other? retailers of commercial sex? Are you aware of any such study?

Could you even give me a first-hand account of witnessing such things? The point of the article, in my view, was the blatant distortion of statistics in order to raise public awareness to a hysterical level in order to get the money coming in for a cause. The cause is a good one, but the methods used to raise awareness for the cause are dishonest. In my mind, that disqualifies any of the mentioned organizations from my help. Stick to the truth please!

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