Vikings stadium supporters, opponents post dueling online petitions

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The Ramsey county stadium being fought over with cyber-clipboards.
After Shoreview city councilman Blake Huffman posted an online petition asking government officials to block plans for a new Vikings stadium in Arden Hills, the online backlash was swift and angry.

"It's insulting to me that Blake Huffman has gall to call himself #Viking fan," tweeted @VikesStadium.

Now there is a rival petition up online asking for support for the pricey new stadium. Both camps have plans to present the petitions to the Ramsey County Commissioners, and a lot of digital ink is being spilled.

It's insulting to me that Blake Huffman has gall to call himself #Viking fan. #NewMNStadium @rochelleolsonThu Jun 23 16:39:23 via Echofon

A week ago, Huffman posted the petition "Viking Fans Against the Arden Hills Stadium Proposal." Huffman has been vocal in the past about his skepticism over the plan, and laid out his concerns once more in the petition. In particular, he's concerned with the use of $350 million worth of Ramsey County taxpayer money as well as the $173 million price tag for infrastructure.

"To date there has been no official votes on this issue and only one scarcely attended public meeting," Huffman writes. "The biggest development in several generations is certainly worthy of a series of public conversations before decisions are made."

As of Wednesday, the petition had less than 90 signatures. But about a day after local papers ran stories about the petition, signatures skyrocketed. As of this writing, the count is over 1,500. Huffman said he plans to present the signatures to the Ramsey County Commissioners.

But Huffman awakened some angry dogs with his petition's success, including the guys behind Fans of the new stadium plan lashed back on Twitter at any media outlet who posted a link to the Huffman petition, from Star Tribune to ESPN's Kevin Seifert.

@espn_nfcnblog How many times have you mentioned our fan advocacy groups or plugged our events? Though we wouldn't ask you to take sides.Fri Jun 24 03:28:54 via Echofon

Finally, late yesterday afternoon, Josh Hewitt, the man behind @VikesStadium, created his own online petition called "Say 'Yes' to Vikings Stadium."

"True Viking fans are open to compromise and don't take a '100% private financing or let them leave' stand on this issue," the petition reads. "We feel as though the current proposal is a fair proposal."

As of now, the petition has 434 signatures. We'll keep you posted to see who wins this bowl game.

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The anti-stadium petition was great until the very end, where it says it supports: "building the new Viking stadium in downtown Minneapolis or St.Paul."  This is totally unacceptable!  Stadiums should NOT be downtown, they should be outside the city, where the traffic won't ruin things for everyone!  Arden Hills is the perfect place for a stadium, however the public funding of it is not.  That is what the petition should really be about.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Tax the poor, so we can subsidize billionaires, while providing millionaires with a place to play their childish games, in which they ALL used to play for FREE!

"True Viking fans are open to compromise and don't take a '100% private financing or let them leave' stand on this issue..."  Nice rhetoricYes the "True Vikings Fan".  Thou that loves the smell of sweaty jocks in the morning and gets off from following them.Yes the "True Vikings Fan".  Thou that would rather focus on something that has no personal impact in their personal lives.Yes the "True Vikings Fan".  Thou that takes great pride in the accomplishments of others for which they have no personal relation.

Hey, the team won!   Lets all riot in the streets!Hey, the team lost!   Lets all riot in the streets!

Mt Royal
Mt Royal

Add the following line to the  pro stadium petition

"For your 'yes' vote to count please donate $100 to the stadium fund."

  The petition would get about zero yes votes%Pr

LA Vikings Fan
LA Vikings Fan

Yes.  No public money for a private sports stadium that wouldn't see much use aside from 8 cold and miserable games in the outdoors per year.  $1 billion could be spent much better elsewhere.

Just saying
Just saying

Come on man. Just because you don't enjoy it. If you look at tv and radio ratings on a Sunday you're in the minority. You really really knew the true on some of the stupid programs your tax dollars was going too you should mind it going to something the majority enjoyed. Is it But welcome to the real world.


Holy Crap!  I agree with Kirk the Conservative Jerk!

Mn Voter
Mn Voter

Holy Crap 2: I agree with jww as well!

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