Vikings stadium bill deadline may be Friday

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farmer stadium.JPG
Does this stadium have a purple hue?
Minnesota legislators and the governor already don't seem likely to reach a July 1 agreement on whether to raise taxes to keep the state's government functioning.

Now they've set themselves a Friday deadline to try and resolve the $130 million gap between what the state says it will pay to help build the Minnesota Vikings a new home in Aren Hills, and the money the team's owners say they're willing to pay out of their own pocket.

Don Davis at Forum Communications writes that there's little or no optimism that the deal and the deadline can be reached.

farmer stadium2.JPG
Farmer's Field, the proposed NFL stadium in Los Angeles that needs a tenant.
There's also been talk -- shot down by Gov. Dayton -- about some state grant money being used to help close the gap in the projected billion-dollar construction cost, targeted at upgrading roadways and other infrastructure around the proposed site. But that still leaves a yawning shortfall.

What happens after that is anyone's guess right now, but we do know that Vikings representatives were in California recently, talking about a possible move to Los Angeles. We also know the team has not renewed its lease on the Metrodome, which is set to expire at the end of this coming season.

Will the relocation threat be enough to persuade lawmakers to force taxpayers to shell out even more for Schloss Wilf, even in the midst of a budget crisis? Stay tuned.


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