Aaron Boogaard's charges explained by Hennepin County Attorney [VIDEO]

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Aaron Boogaard is also being looked at by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.
Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman held a press conference this afternoon to announce that his office has charged Aaron Boogaard with two crimes related to the overdose death of Derek Boogaard, a former Wild enforcer and Aaron's brother.

On May 12, Derek had been out of drug treatment for one day and asked Aaron to give him a prescription Oxycodone pill. According the charges, Derek told Aaron he planned to go out on a "binger" that night night.

Derek did go out on a binger, where he consumed "a lot" of alcohol and "a lot" more pills, says Freeman.

The next day, Aaron drove to the airport to pick up another brother. When he returned, Derek was dead.

Aaron is charged with felony third-degree sale of a controlled substance for giving Derek the pill and a gross misdemeanor for flushing other drugs down the toilet before police arrived.

Here's video of Freeman explaining what happened that night:

Freeman says his office is no longer investigating further charges. He did confirm that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is looking into Boogaard, but couldn't provide details.

"This is the investigation we have," says Freeman. "If others have investigations going, that's not my business."


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    Aaron I know you as a good person while you were here in LAREDO...... I back you up 100%. Everyone makes mistakes.......big e ERIC


    How can they charge him with SELLING the pill, when they said he gave it to him?  Best Buy doesn't give me a television, they sell me one.  If you don't see the difference, then ask yourself why Casey Anthony is walking around free right now.

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