Jacob Seth Cobb, 17, allegedly chokes mom to death after Yahtzee argument

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Jacob Seth Cobb is charged with murdering Tamara Lee Mason, his mother. Brother Andrew Quinton Cobb is being charged as an accomplice after the fact.
The Christmas Yahtzee argument with his mother, Tamara Lee Mason, was apparently the last straw for 17-year-old Jacob Seth Cobb.

Police say he wrestled the 48-year-old woman into a choke hold on the floor of their home in Alberta, put a bag over her head, tightened it in place with a belt and killed her.

Then he and his brothers, 18-year-old Andrew Quinton Cobb and 25-year-old Dylan Cody Clemens, spent the winter dithering over what to do with her body.

Meanwhile, they told local authorities their mom had simply vanished after the Yahtzee argument.

Brother Andrew eventually told the cops he witnessed the murder. And Clemens spilled the beans to the cops in a May criminal complaint against brother Jacob. Clemens described how the three siblings first loaded Mason's body into a car and intended to dump it in South Dakota, but changed their minds and returned home to Alberta.

Back home, they loaded her body into a garbage can, and stored it in the trunk of a Chevy Lumina on Dec. 26. Clemens then drove it to a friend's house with the idea of incinerating the body in an outdoor furnace.

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Jacob Seth Cobb, Andrew Quinton Cobb and Dylan Cody Clemens couldn't figure out what to do with their mother's body.
But there was another change of heart, and Clemens brought Mason's body home a few days later, storing it in a shed where he started digging a grave. In she went, with her purse, and that's where she stayed until July, when police got a tip about the missing woman and started digging around.

Jacob Seth Cobb has now been charged with second-degree murder. Andrew Quinton Cobb has been charged as accessory after the fact. County Sheriff Randy Willis tells Fargo's Forum newspaper that Clemens has yet to be charged.

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