Bachmann & Associates glitter-bombed by gay "barbarians" [VIDEO]

gay  barbarians.jpg
The barbarians demanded that Marcus come out and give them discipline.
The video evidence of this morning's barbaric raid on Marcus Bachmann's clinic has arrived.

In the clip, about a dozen Flinstones-looking characters talk with an employee of Bachmann & Associates, and request to see Marcus Bachmann himself.

"Marcus!" the barbarians cry.

It turns out the doctor isn't in. When they hear this, one says, "We need to be disciplined."

"Disciplined!" the barbarians cry.

Throw in a little well-timed Lady Gaga and some airborne glitter, and you've got yourself a viral video.


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Gus Anderson
Gus Anderson

The right-wing nuts need to get *bashed* for a change.  Lucky for them, we *barbarians* are far more civilized.


The bottom-line will not change...Mr. Bachmann has a right to his own personal views, not that I agree with them.  These rainbow people don't have a right to litter on private property. 


But if Michelle Bachmann (or her husband who she admits to making the decisions) has her way, corporations could litter and pollute on all the public property they want. Keep it up! DISCIPLINE!!! 

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