Bachmann leads Romney 25-21 in Iowa

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Bachmann and Pawlenty are running first and distant-third in Iowa.
Michelle Bachmann has a narrow lead over Mitt Romney in Iowa.

Bachmann got 25 percent support from likely Iowa caucus goers in a late-June poll by the Iowa Republican. Mitt Romney finished second, with 21 percent support, and Tim Pawlenty ran a distant third at 9 percent support, barely beating Herman Cain, the pizza guy.

The results were positive for both Minnesotans: Bachmann and Pawlenty added a few points from the previous poll numbers, and came in low on the "Unfavorable" ratings.

Bachmann and Pawlenty led the field with their "Favorable/Unfavorable" margins.

Seventy six percent of those polled have a favorable view of Bachmann, with only 11 percent unfavorable. Pawlenty's ratings of 60 percent favorable and 12 percent unfavorable put him ahead of Romney (66 favorable, 25 unfavorable) and Herman Cain (54 and 12).

Bachmann rated best among voters who said that border security was their most important issue. About 36 percent of people worried about the Mexican border, which is 1,000 miles from Des Moines, supported Bachmann. 

Taken from June 26 to June 30, the poll of 500 Iowans would've coincided with Bachmann's now-infamous John Wayne/John Wayne Gacy slip-up. 

If they didn't mind her self-identifying with a serial killer, wait until they hear about her Iowa-centric ad, and her pro-slavery, anti-porn pledge!


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You guys must really afraid of or impressed with Bachmann.  Half the stories on citypages are about her.


So maye the Bachmanns's could close their "therapy" clinic and turn it into a brick factory.  They could create lots of jobs to make bricks so they can be ready to build a wall between Iowa and Mexico.  This would be a win-win-win situation.  The anti-gay clinic would be shut down so no more harm will be done.  Bricks would be made providing many people with jobs.  And the Iowan voters could rest easier knowing that they had a wall between themselves and Mexico.


Bachmann claims she is better for black people than President Obama and that black families fared better during slavery than they do in 2011.  Time to make a psych check.  Does Bachmann know the difference between reality and fiction?  The ideal Bachmann family concept:  buy a mother,father, and 6 children.  Sell the father to another plantation and let the white master rape the mother to produce more offspring. Children may never get to see their father again, but the white rapist master is there as the family father figure.  A male and a female role are present for the children.  What a perfect family setting to raise a lovely little family.  This is the stuff horror films are made from.  Truthfulness:  F  Morality:  F  Crazy-factor:A.  A dead deer would make a better candidate than Bachmann. 


So what has Ms Bachmann to do with the constitution, besides twisting its meaning and other times simply mis-quoting it.

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