Bachmann warns Obama to fear the Tea Party, who are not all toothless hillbillies

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Michele, prepared to lead her red, white and blue hillbillies into battle.
Michele Bachmann has issued a warning to Barack Obama and the Democrats that they should "be afraid of the Tea Party."

Bachmann, the self-anointed queen of the Tea Party, said the Democrats have the wrong idea about the group.

"They want you to think that the Tea Party is made up of toothless hillbillies coming down out of the hills wearing red, white, and blue," she said at a campaign event in Iowa. "But the fact is, they should be afraid of the Tea Party." 

Bachmann's foreboding statement came yesterday during a rally in her new permanent home state.

Since the elections swept Republicans back into the House of Representatives -- where Michele is still a Congresswoman, in theory -- most angry voters' tea has cooled down a bit.

But not for the First Lady of the Sixth District. Michele is still sticking up for the teabaggers against President Obama.

But her thinking does raise a few questions. If the Tea Party really was "toothless hillbillies coming down out of the hills wearing red, white, and blue," who wouldn't be afraid?


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Polling shows that self-identified Tea Party affiliation is steadily decreasing. It was 17% nationally in January, and is down to 11% now. TP rallies are poorly attended, and enthusiasm is steadily (though slowly) diminishing.It's a fad that has run its course.


She doesn't actually refute the notion that the Tea Party are toothless hillbillies. She just reminds us that we should be afraid of the toothless hillbillies.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

The Tea Party is made up of a wide variety of older white idiots, not just hillbillies. 


Looked to me like it was a bunch of middle-aged men who got dicked hard by Wall Street and wanted to punch someone for it.

Not an unhealthy reaction, really. I do think that they picked the wrong target.

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