Barry Ardolf, creepy hacker, sentenced to 18 years

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"Gotcha, you creep."
Barry Ardolf, who tried to ruin his neighbor's life by hacking their Wi-Fi connection, was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison yesterday. 

Using the connection, Ardolf set up e-mail accounts in his neighbor's name and sent e-mail threats to Vice President Joe Biden and other politicians. He also sent explicit e-mails, including one that showed child pornography, to his neighbor's coworkers.

The child pornography might have been easy for Ardolf to find: The case began when the neighbor filed a police report accusing Ardolf of pedophilia.

Ardolf's obsession with destroying his neighbor is thought to have began in August 2008, after the neighbors told police Ardolf had touched their four year old son inappropriately and kissed him on the mouth.

Six months later, the neighbor's coworkers said they received explicit e-mails. Other e-mails Adrolf sent to the coworkers accuse his neighbor of sexual assault.

In August 2009, Ardolf sent the e-mail to Biden, which he signed with his neighbor's name.

This is a terrorist threat! Take this seriously. I hate the way you people are spending money you don't have.... I'm assigning myself to be judge jury and executioner. Since you folks have spent what you don't have it's time to pay the ultimate price. Time for new officials after you all are put to death by us....
Ardolf also sent threats to then-Governor Tim Pawlenty and one of Minnesota's U.S. Senators.

After FBI investigators discovered the hacked Wi-Fi line, Ardolf, who had worked at Medtronic, was indicted in June 2010. Late last year he pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft, possession of child pornography and terrorist threats.

They won't have Wi-Fi in prison, Barry. Maybe you can start writing terrorist threat letters with your cellmate's name and send them in the mail.


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Greg Minnesota
Greg Minnesota

WTF! At least identify VP Biden in a caption to image that leads this story. Do you really think even a simple majority of your readership will know that the man in the image is VP Biden?

I can only conclude that juvinile pranks are preferred to journalistic integrity at City Pages.

Someone needs to talk with the CP editor who approved this unflattering use of an image of VP Biden.

Don't waste pixels trying to explain that the cause is merely a moment of poor judgment. As that excuse is the very type I would expect to issue from a juvinile mind trying to hide behind plausible denial.

You insult the intelligence of your readership who recognize the slight and you laugh at the ignorance of your remaining readership.

Do better or desist.

Tseten B
Tseten B

18 years prison just for hacking and embarrasing someone.. WOW.. that is harsh...____________________________________________________________________


Loosen the bone, Wilma.  There is nothing flattering about Joe Biden to begin with.

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