Benny the Police Dog retired after biting a cop

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Benny retires after eight years and two misguided attacks.
Benny, an eight year veteran of the Minneapolis police K-9 unit, will enter an early retirement after mistakenly biting a police office last fall.

Benny's unfortunate tooth target was Officer Bruce Johnson, who proceeded to sue the city for injuries suffered to his arms and hands on Oct. 29. The city is going to settle with Johnson for $25,000, and put Benny out to pasture as a result of the suit.

This was actually the second time an officer had successfully sued the city after getting attacked by Benny. The same lawyer brought both suits.

Johnson was off duty but in uniform the night he was bitten. As Benny's handler was arresting a fleeing suspect, Benny tore past both of them and attacked Johnson instead.

Johnson missed weeks of work after the attack, and his attorney, Robert Bennett, says he might still need surgery.

On July 1, Bennett won $80,000 from the City Council for Abel Miramen, who was also a victim of Benny's.

"The dog has had several incidents," Bennett told the Star Tribune.

Benny is a 74 pound German Shepherd imported from Eastern Europe and trained in narcotics detection, according to his police listing.

Benny is not facing any criminal charges. So now, there will be a vicious Eastern European biting machine roaming the streets that smells the bag of weed in your pocket.

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Get your details straight CP!

StarTrib says "Johnson, a 39-year veteran of the force, was working in uniform off-duty and using a marked squad car"


Fixed, thanks. Odd phrasing -- "" -- must have mixed me up.

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